Plant Hire – Access Hire


ASHBROOK Forestry offers a complete package of services to the forestry industry. Using top brand products like John Deere, we deliver a reliable service for all your needs from mechanised harvesting and forwarding timber to transport solutions to take the timber to your buyer.

Our fleet of John Deere harvesters & forwarders combined with our in-house transport fleet means we can respond to your needs nationwide. These machines are equipped with floatation tyres and tracks where appropriate to cope with a wide range of ground conditions and slopes.

We undertake clearfell, windblown and thinning work on site for all categories of clients and sizes of woodlands. ASHBROOK can also offer site clearance services so where you need trees and hedges removed for your next project be it civil engineering for a road or windfarm or to create residential housing, contact ASHBROOK for a quote.

Unlike other companies who might only take your timber to the roadside we will transport it all the way to the mill or other end user removing the interface with third party haulers which might otherwise delay the sale of your timber.

Our staff have years of experience in the forestry industry meaning we can choose the correct machines to complete your project safely and efficiently with the minimum of damage to your land and haul roads.

Our multi-depot plant hire division means we can offer a wide range of plant and tractor hire to supplement your project as well as our groundworks division assisting with access, creation of haul roads and turning circles as well as any drainage needs for your site. We can assist in providing a one stop shop for your woodland management project.

We can also offer…

  • Tractor hire
  • Forwarder trailer hire
  • Haulage only services
  • Harvesting only services
  • Excavator hire including option to hire tree shears
  • Installation of accesses and haul roads for you site

So give ASHBROOK a call for your next project