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25T Zero Tail Excavator

25T Zero Tail Excavator

The CAT 325FL’s compact radius design makes it ideal for working confidently in restricted areas like road jobs with lane closures and next to buildings or other structures you’d like to not damage. With a front swing radius of 2.34 m and a tail swing radius of 1.72 m, the machine can dig, swing, and dump within a working space of 4.06 m.

Unlike a standard radius machine, the 325F L’s boom is positioned toward the centre of the machine; not only does this help reduce the front swing radius, but it also supports more lift capacity over the front due to greater stability. When rotated 90 degrees and working over the side just 135mm of counterweight extends beyond the track width, allowing vehicles and barriers to be positioned close to the machine.

The machine features a full-size ROPS (roll-over protective structure) certified cab, providing low sound levels, high visibility, convenient access to switches and controls, and a fully adjustable seat; you will find it comfortable to work in all day long.

Overall, what’s really new with the 325FL is the hydraulic valve’s electronic control. Integrated within the electronic engine the hydraulic power with electronic control is smoother and more responsive than a traditional hydraulic control. It also contributes to less energy consumption and less wear and tear meaning lower owning and operating costs for you. This new machine produces more power than its predecessor yet uses up to 22% less fuel. With such an increase of performance efficiency its’ carbon footprint is greatly reduced, and the cost saving of running the machine substantial.

At Ashbrook, we have installed the PME500 Prolec system onto a range of our CAT 325FL fleet – with load, height and slew control combined, the system will meet the most stringent safety requirements on construction sites and by regulatory bodies. Using the PME500 Prolec’s RCI and height and slew solution ensures compliance to relevant regulations whilst enabling you to tender for projects with larger infrastructure delivery firms who now specify that a reliable electronic safety system be fitted to any machinery used on sites.